Tie-Down Flap

The flaps on this type of bag cover the contents of the interior of the bulk bag. The offered tie-down flap bags are manufacturing using high-grade polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics. The fabric that is used is stabilized against UV degradation.This kind of bag has flaps that protect the bulk bag's inside contents.
Salient Features

Tie-down straps are a critical part of a safe cargo securement system. Tie-downs are the only safe and reliable type of harness and should be used every time you transport heavy or large bulky items. Tie-down straps are made in a variety of different styles.This is an aftermarket grounding strap. It is supposed to help prevent static electricity from collecting in your car. In reality, they don’t help much of anything. They used to be very common back in the day, but now have gone out of favor.High-grade polypropylene (PP) woven textiles are used in the fabrication of the provided tie-down flap bags. The employed fabric has UV degradation stabilization.