Planter Bag

Planter bags are beneficial when it comes to planting and growing nearly any plant a lot easier. Our bags are known for its advantages that it promotes a healthy growth of plants keeping the moisture and property. The Planter bags we offer are ideal for growing agriculture and nursery products in the farms and nurseries or for terrace gardening. The products are easy to carry, cost-effective and offer more plants to grow. The bags are made from supreme HDPE giving optimum strength. This can be manufactured with the specified dimension as requested by the client. The Planter Bags Made of a proprietary fabric material, a highly durable, non-woven fabric that provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root systems and allows excess moisture to easily drain away. Planter Bags allow you to have a garden in limited space. Suitable for your creative gardening, balcony, rooftop, back porch, greenhouse, tabletop, or other raised platforms. When the growing season is over, simply empty the earth out of the fabric bag and pack it away; Compact folded size for easy storage and can be reused year after year.
Salient Features
  • Planter bags are typically made from durable, UV-resistant materials such as woven polypropylene fabric or geotextile fabric.
  • It is usually designed as large, flexible containers with a wide opening at the top for filling with soil and planting.
  • The are versatile and can be used for growing a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, and small trees.
  • It can be moved easily, allowing for flexibility in garden design and placement.
  • It can be stacked or arranged in tight spaces, maximizing growing space in small or urban environments.
  • It has breathable fabric which promotes of planter bags promotes healthy root development
  • It prevents soil-borne pests and diseases