Open Top with Spout

One of the most popular forms for bulk bag tops is spout tops, often known as top spouts. One common element of bulk bags is the spout top, which consists of a flat base with a narrow cylindrical tube sewed onto it. The flat base is sewed into the FIBC's body to create a top panel that can close completely.
Salient Features

As the name suggests, top bags are made to ride atop your load and serve as a handy daypack for all the many things you could need throughout the day. The topside and zipper are fully open for ease access, and the are fastened to the toboggan from the bottom of the bag.Spouts are highly adaptable and can accommodate a wide variety of liquids, including juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, wine, and pre-made, custom cocktails that can be kept in the fridge. They are also easily transportable and storable due to their physical flexibility. Duffle top bulk bags have a thin lightweight top panel that is the same width and depth as the four sides of the bag.