Open Top & Tightening Holes

The well-known company Alaris Polymer is known for its open top and tightening holes. These bags are meticulously examined by the quality control team against the different quality checker parameters after being manufactured with sophisticated gear.
Salient Features

Depending on the type of machinery operated and the product to be stored inside the FIBC bag, a variety of filling options are available. Tops may not be necessary for products of low value and not subject to moisture damage. On the other hand, the duffel top still provides easy access but ensures integrity of the contents. The top, with a draw cord permits air flow but still confines the product, and a cone top allows for extra filling for those materials which settle in time. Filling systems, (including spouts) can be attached to different accessories for full customization Due to their exceptional strength, longevity, and capacity to hold heavy loads, these bags are highly appreciated by our esteemed clientele.