Duffle Top

The top panel of a duffle top bulk bag is light and thin, with the same width and depth as the bag's four sides. More filling possibilities and machinery compatibility are made possible by the bigger opening. One of the most popular forms for bulk bag tops is spout tops, often known as top spouts.
Salient Features

One common feature of bulk bags is the duffle (or duffel) top, which is a big tube skirt that is sewed right into the top of the bag. Polypropylene with a coating is woven to create the duffle. As the name suggests, top bags are made to ride atop your load and serve as a handy daypack for all the many things you could need throughout the day. The topside and zipper are fully open for ease access, and the are fastened to the toboggan from the bottom of the bag. First of all, FIBC, or flexible intermediate bulk container, is another name for bulk bags. However, being aware of the various FIBC bag kinds guarantees that you’ll have the ideal answer for your company or requirement.