BOPP Printed Woven Sacks

PP Woven Bale Wrap Fabric

PP WOVEN FABRIC is used for wrapping in many industries like Paper, Steel, Textile etc. We can offer these fabrics in different colours, width, weights and mesh Woven bale wrap sheets are specially designed to pack used clothing and rags. Special polymer and weaving gives enhanced clarity and transparency to the product. Extremely light weight designed coated fabric to make it most competitive in this industry. Regular sizes of 40"x 54" and 80" x 120" are available from stock. Customized sizes can be supplied.
Salient Features

Economical & durable

Resistant to heat

Improved stiffness


All fabrics are supplied with minimal defects and packed in export worthy packing with options of Paper / PVC / Steel cores

We also have roll to roll printing facilities

Up to six colour gravers printing

BOPP Multi Colour Woven Bags
BOPP multi-color woven bags are a type of packaging commonly used for various products such as grains, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, animal feeds, and more. These bags are made by laminating BOPP film onto woven polypropylene fabric, resulting in a durable and visually appealing packaging solution.
Shopping Bags (Woven /Non Woven Bag)/(With Lamination/without Lamination)
PP (Polypropylene) woven sacks are commonly used for a variety of packaging applications, including shopping bags. PP woven shopping bags are highly durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding repeated use for shopping trips without tearing or breaking. The woven polypropylene material provides excellent strength and resilience, making these bags suitable for carrying heavy items.
Box Type Bags
PP woven box type bags, also known as block bottom bags or square bags, are a type of packaging commonly used for various products, including grains, seeds, fertilizers, pet food, and chemicals. Here's a detailed overview of these bags