Mor Techfab is India’s premier supplier of FIBC bags and other industrial packaging products. Located in Ahmedabad, with its manufacturing unit in Kheda Mor Techfab is delivering quality produces from more than a decade. Our main focus is customer satisfaction through our actions by continuously striving our actions to innovate our processes and deliver products which have values for money. Making total employee involvement, sincerity of purpose and commitment to objectives are the foundations of this vision.

Manufacturing Excellence

Crafting Excellence:

Our extensive world class manufacturing facilities in Village-Vavdi, Kheda (State-Gujarat) (Country-India), consisting of state of the art production lines employing advanced manufacturing technology to produce premium quality products.Pursuant to the company philosophy of striving for continuous improvement and betterment, the company continuously invests in people and machines, where in enabling company to serve its customer with achieving greater satisfaction, quality service and adding value profitably.

Truly unique in every sense of the term, the service and manufacturing standards and facilities can match any other worldwide, may it be the product, price and timely delivery.

Benefit Brought to Customers:

  • High Quality
  • Eco Friendly
  • UV-Stabilization
  • Cost Effective
  • Bulk Production


Our mission draws its strength from high ethical standards in our practices. We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in our chosen market by delivering world class products across the globe.

Our human resources and stakeholders are our most valuable assets as they contribute in our unending pursuit of leadership and growth. Excellence in business is our motto. As responsible business citizens, we strongly believe in sustainability. We commit ourselves to the environment and society we serve. We strive for a greener, healthier and happier tomorrow.

At MOR Techfab, our mission is to meet and exceed our customer’s need by providing or the world class cost effective packaging options throughout the world by utilizing our domestic & globalized manufacturing facilities.


The company’s marketing strength lies in a thorough market watch and study of conditions the world over by timely launch of new, technologically advanced products, constant feedback from our customers and timely informing them about the markets scenario world over, centenary’s strategic perceptions will consistently give the company a distinct edge over the competition.

Today, Mor Techfab Private Limited provides wide range of products and seeks to make it available across the entire world.

The unit is to produce manufacture PP/HDPE Fabric and Woven Sack bags which will be used in the following industry as packing material:

  • Cement
  • Fertilizers
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Plastic Granules
  • Chemicals
  • Food Products

Our energy source is Solar Power

Solar energy can be used in various ways within manufacturing companies to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Our company use solar energy and it is a renewable and sustainable source of power that utilizes the sun’s radiation to generate electricity. It’s environmentally friendly and can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, ultimately mitigating climate change.


Our products and services only have real value when they bring benefits to customers, which is an affirmation of prestige with partners and suppliers.


Expand relationships with many domestic and foreign partners and suppliers and bring economic efficiency to all parties.


Use credibility and dedication to build and maintain customer trust.


Culture Human

A management team with seniority in the profession is a prerequisite for the development of Mortechfab Corp. A team of employees with expertise, productivity and responsibility. With extensive experience in the field. We always need professional, flexible personnel to serve customers as quickly as possible.
Based on a foundation of human resources rich in knowledge and professional skills.